Stunning Portraits & Prints
Decorate any space with a beautiful print. Each picture is printed on high-quality, 8"x10", archival matte or gloss photo paper. Actual image sizes are indicated for specific prints. You are welcome to choose your own portrait size and finish. Pen & Ink portraits on coffee tinted canvas (black ink only) are available too and are already sealed and varnished on illustration board. A non-toxic gloss finish ready to frame.

Canvas Totes                                                                                                                                                                                Accessorize your style with this unique white tote. It is the perfect bag for every outfit and occasion.
With permanent marker only, write name(s) on tote or personal message for a birthday, holiday or retirement. Great to use on your way to a library or market. Beautiful piece to hang on a decorative hook or back of a chair in a garden room.

All original artwork, photographs and printing by Dina. Totes, after they are sealed and varnished, have a pliable and rubbery feel. The canvas is primed making the surface feel more stiff. The non-toxic primer or seal prepares the canvas for displaying the artwork permanently staying firm to hold its shape.
The bag's surface coat is needed so permanent marker can be used and not soak into the canvas.
Instead of art on the wall which may feel like there is some stickiness depending on the media used, the totes are fun wearable art. They have a glossy finish which beautifully presents the wearable, water resistant artwork.

Wristlets, Banners, Masks, Ornaments, Zipperpulls and Pillows
Wristlets are a perfect accessory that can clip to a tote or a belt loop. The Banners are perfect for a party or a simple decorative piece for a mantal, wall, table, sun room or greenhouse. The masks are hand-cut and printed on cardstock from Dina's original artwork. Perfect for party favors and/or gifts! Ornaments can be custom or color-your-own. Zipperpulls on hoodies are a great gift! Pillows are decorative and can be custom. Doll pillows are for 11" fashion doll size or 18" doll size.

Paper Doll, Paper Animal Zoo Sets and Flower Bouquets
Surprise a young girl in your life with a beautiful paper doll. A favorite of Dina's since childhood, each unique doll is lovingly hand-drawn on the computer and then printed on quality card stock. The paper animal zoo set is a collection of photographic backgrounds and digitally drawn animals. Flower bouquets come in sets of 6 with a card or personal message. The wildflowers and pale pink roses are sure to cheer anyone up!

Graphic Design Work and Collages
Made to order Graphic Design and Collages available. Create a beautiful piece for yourself or your company. Please contact Dina to discuss your specific graphic design, fine art illustration needs or a mosaic type image for custom collage artwork. Specific prices and sizes available according to order details. Thank you :)

Shop Policies:
The 100% cotton canvas totes are all non-toxic sealer and varnish, not screen printed. My art is printed on high quality card stock and applied to the bag on both sides. The bag has a rubbery, pliable feel to it which is a unique way to present water resistant artwork on wearable material. I use my bags as a small purse, book bag, and sometimes as a decorative item in a room. I also use them as gift bags to fill with gift cards and special gifts inside. The use of a tote bag is endless! Check out my new non-toxic glow-in-the-dark totes and masks! Receive a FREE tote with purchase of the paper doll set! Items will be shipped 7 days after payment is received. Every item is packed and shipped with care by me. Only the dollar amount of the item will be refunded to the customer through paypal upon receiving the item for return within 30 days. Customer pays for return shipment.

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